1/2 whiskey barrel

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  • lovetogarden46 #45072

    I have one that the bottom has rotted out of. Found out when I was taking the dirt out of it!! Need ideas what to do with it in the garden. I’ve seen them buried and flowers spilling out but with no bottom I wonder how it would work. Thanks for any ideas.

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  •  Anonymous #81007

    .. wish i could find some of these…. they would have sold great this spring….

    id just bury it about a foot and make it look like a short one …should work for a couple of years…



  •  Anonymous #80946

    I had one just like that – it finally just fell apart – looked cool for a while though – I like the chicken wire idea – about anything to hold it together.

  •  Anonymous #80943

    With no bottom, it will work perfectly because you don’t have to worry about drainage. If you want it tipped over you may have to add some kind of chicken wire to hold your dirt in. Or just bury the front lower than the back.

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